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Happy Diwali!


These are just some Diwali goodies from this morning, some home made, some made by dear friends and some store bought.
Top left – Kaara Sev, Bottom left – Oma Podi, top right – Lavang Latika ( made by my dear friend Uma – will request a recipe soon;
Middle – my favorite south indian sweet- Manoharam from the famous Grand Sweets in Chennai
Bottom right- Rava Laadoo made by my mom (Amma)

To be honest, I was expecting this Diwali to be boring, almost a tad depressing with just Nikhil and I in a crazy schedule and Girish in another part of the world. But it’s so awesome to have Amma and Appa at home and make an effort to keep Diwali as resplendent as it used to be, sans crackers and sparkles but nonetheless steeped in tradition. We woke up bright and early for the traditional “Ganga Snaanam” (or the holy bath with the water from the river Ganga) and Amma applied sesame oil to our hair. Lamps in the puja room with the new clothes, the sweets, fruits and flowers. The traditional Snaanam with shikakai or the Ayurvedic conditioners for hair to wash off the oil. Then the customary phone calls and wishes with “Ganga Snaanam Aacha?” or have you had your traditional bath followed by a sampling of all the goodies, never mind that it’s about 6am when you are eating some of that fried stuff:)

This is what makes Diwali special to me, keeping those customary actions alive that are only made special when you are with family. I do long for the crackers and lights with friends and family and the noises in India. So thankful that Girish is able to experience that Diwali for us in India this year. It’s no fun being in different parts of the world for Diwali but its still special this year – we are both with our respective parents and siblings this Diwali which is a lot to be thankful for and cherished.
May this Diwali be for each one of you an occasion to cherish with your family and enjoy every moment with them. Happy Diwali!


America has Spoken!

The votes are in and finally, there is fresh hope! Woohoo!!

Diwali wishes…

to you, your friends and family. Wishing you all a bountiful year!

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