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2 thoughts on “Copyright Policy

  1. on said:

    Hi, a nice web site with interesting recipes. I will share it with my wife. Noticed that you are from South India (Tamilian) and are in the DFW area. Same at this end – in DFW but Telugu. Saw your note regard Vitamix and wondered if you could share share insights – how does this compare with grinders/blenders from home? Do you use it to grind spices and masalas? What about batter such as idli, dosa, vada batters, etc?

    We have been buying coffee grinders on a regular basis and I would rather get something that lasts for dry spice grinding. For the batters, we have the Ultra at home and that seems to work well for the most part but not for small jobs such as chutney’s etc. Wondered if you could share insights from your experiences with Vitamix and perhaps other appliances. Thanks

    • rozkakhana on said:

      Hi there
      So nice to “meet” you..what a small world. The Vitamix is pretty good for batters and spices, though for small amounts of spices, coffee etc I still use my coffee grinder. But you can absolutely use it for bulk masala grinding, especially the dry grinder. It is an expensive machine but totally worth every penny. Hope this helped.

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