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A blog about everyday food. Mostly Indian. All vegetarian.


I started this blog as I really began to take interest in food and cooking – it was a discovery years after literally being “spoon fed” by my mom and her amazing cooking. I don’t remember really cooking much while I spent my 23 years living at home (yes much to the shock of many teens today, that was and is probably quite the norm in India, where I grew up).

I was surrounded by many foodies in the family though, who were all, in their own way, connoisseurs of the cooking and the tasting of good food. The food at home was mostly traditional South Indian, or Tamil Brahmin (TamBrahm for short) cuisine. We traveled all over India when I was growing up as my father was in the Military, which exposed my taste buds to the many flavors of Indian cuisine (Kashmiri, Avadhi (Lucknow), Andhra, Hyderabadi. But I got my true initiation into the world of food outside India thanks to my foodie uncle. My first ever visit to Singapore (where he lived) when I was 16 was a mind and palate opening experience for me that gave me my first global food experience. There was no looking back after as I traveled around the world, savoring many cuisines and always being fascinated by the many flavors. I still feel like I have so much more to taste and explore within India and hope to fulfill this dream soon:)

I became quite obsessed with food, both the eating and the cooking and collecting recipes, when I moved to the US for my studies, but it was after I got married and had my own kitchen that I started to really experiment with cooking.  I am a vegetarian by upbringing and now by choice and love to taste and try anything vegetarian in my cooking. We do eat eggs so you will find some egg dishes and in here and many cakes and cupcakes that use egg, but I am increasingly experimenting with egg-less baking, thanks to some very inspiring bloggers out there.

This blog took birth a few years ago, when I was living in the US, more as a means to capture traditional south Indian dishes of my mom and my grandma’s — recipes I could never find easily back then. It has since morphed into all things vegetarian though I still give precedence to TamBrahm recipes that are family “heirlooms” – my mom’s recipes, my mother-in-law’s, my sisters-in-law’s, my foodie Uncle’s and my husband’s. I told you, we are a family of foodies:). My son is now experimenting with food and is vying for a mention too — he is getting to be a budding food critic – so most of my blog entries usually have to have his thumbs up:)

Roz ka khana in hindi means food for the day or “every day food”. You can call it more of a food journal of musings from my kitchen and others. The recipes here are inspired – some original, some borrowed, but mostly a reflection of my experiments in the kitchen.

Roz ka Khana comes to you from Dallas, TX,  now from Singapore.


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  1. Great job,and I AM impressed. Glad also you are onto doing something that’s close to your heart.

    Since the blog is about FOOD, I just have to mention that I only just finished reading “Under The Tuscan Sun” by Frances Mayes. Having seen it(the movie starring Diane Lane) on Zee Studio channel July last year, I bought this book for a cool 50 bucks(Indian currency,if you must have the details!)in a second-hand bookstore end of March this year. I l-o-v-e book-hunting in small,cramped,littered with books-that-makes-it-difficult-to-move-around-where-you-have-to-crane-your-neck-to-read-the-titles-on-display kind of outfits(remember Khan-outfits, batting, mama) and which also means that sometimes you will end up looking for titles by candle-light(I really did that coz there was a power outtage that afternoon)and most importantly for that ultimate high of stumbling upon an always-wanted-to-read book. It’s true of these places- you never know what you will find.

    All ye food lovers- savor this book page by page. I know,I know, to enjoy all those recipes and the kind of life she describes with so much care and a worshipful attitude- it’s almost spiritual-you have to head out to Cortona but hey, Frances takes you there just as well. It’s all about sage and thyme and rosemary and basil and cheese and wine and the sun and nature and this whole take on their life in a different country which finally Frances admits to as HOME-their ancient,hillside villa aptly named Bramasole( “bramare” archaic meaning ‘to yearn for something’ and “sole” meaning the Sun)It leaves you satiated and asking for more. I gather there’s another book “In Tuscany” WITH pictures so that must be a real treat.And “Bella Tuscany”.

    One travel memoir (and about food because she’a also an acclaimed food writer and cook)I enjoyed reading so much…Slow cooking which I hear is making a comeback, must be like this, where you have all the time in the world, and you love what you are doing and you love to share the final product(for me, the reading experience) with close friends.This one is truly an ode to Cortona and cooking! Go grab it!


  2. nivedita on said:

    this is awesome… i think this might become a staple website for me in my pressed-for-time-and-easy-recipes life:) great job and keep it up!

  3. Anonymous on said:
  4. Hema on said:

    Hey, I just finally got a chance to look at your website in detail – WOW! Looks fantastic, and so many yummy recipes! Great job!

  5. Hi,
    Very nice collection of recipes. Keep them coming.

  6. Sheela on said:


    Sent you an email as well:)

    Great going with RKK! Keep it up!


  7. Your 16 at Singapore reminds me – your liking for good food was nicely interlaced with your taste for good music. How about an article on Roz Ka Khana along with Roz Ka Geetein ! – Vaidy

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    • Hi kyr

      This is the third message I’m getting from you. I have already joined the network and have a profile and think I responded to your last email indicating that I did. Just letting you know as it looks like these are automated messages.

      • perry on said:

        ps- forgot 2 mention 1 more thing. in ur pachchadi of 4 andhra recipes u have only poted 2 & the later 2 namely BEERKAYA PACHCHADI & MANGO pachchadi is not anywhere on ur site the andhra one I mean. thnx plz fix as am eager 2 make those pachchadis too.

  9. perry on said:

    in ur south indian category u have non-south indian recipes too, plz fix it. thnx.

  10. After I originally commented I seem to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each
    time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the exact same comment.
    There has to be a way you can remove me from that service?

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